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Name: Necromys obscurus
Taxonomy (Occurrence): Cricetidae (family); Rodentia (order); Mammalia (class); Chordata (phylum); Animalia (kingdom);
Identified by: Jonathan L. Dunnum
Identified (date): 2010-10-27

Gathering Event

Country: Argentina

Coordinates (lat|lon): -33.48333 | -60.95

Collector(s): Collector(s): James N. Mills
Collection Date: 1990-07-18/1990-07-18

Catalog Number: MSB:Mamm:202037 Mamm (MSB)
Record Basis: PreservedSpecimen
GUID/Occurrence ID: http://arctos.database.museum/guid/MSB:Mamm:202037

Sex: male

Individual Count: 1
Preparations: swab, oral; blood

Description: Extract of cataloged item records from all of Arctos for use only with GGBN as parent records to tissue samples published for Arctos participant collections.
Creator of dataset: Wieczorek, John, gtuco.btuco@gmail.com, VertNet, 3622 33rd Ave W, Seattle, WA, 98199, US
Metadata Provider: Wieczorek, John, gtuco.btuco@gmail.com, (information architect), VertNet, 3622 33rd Ave W, Seattle, WA, 98199, US
Rights: This work is licensed under a .
Geographic coverage: World wide

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