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16 records found (unique samples, not counting multiple samples from the same specimen).

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Scientific Name Country Record No. Repository Type
Variola loutiAUE04589OGLDNA
Variola loutiMZE16101OGLDNA
Variola loutiZAE17982OGLDNA
Variola loutiCN10792KUtissue
Variola loutiCN10961KUtissue
Variola louti (Forsskål, 1775)SC77367SAIABunknown
Variola loutiSC6774KUtissue
Variola loutiSC7159KUtissue
Variola loutiPFUSNM 439489USNMDNA
Variola loutiPFUSNM 439489USNMtissue
Variola loutiPFUSNM 392376USNMtissue
Variola loutiPFUSNM 390608USNMDNA
Variola loutiPFUSNM 392376USNMDNA
Variola loutiPFUSNM 390608USNMtissue
Variola loutiPHUSNM 403025USNMDNA
Variola loutiPHUSNM 403162USNMDNA
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