Data Usage Statistics for GGBN Core Members
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Usage stats provide monthly reports on how often data of individual core members have been included in searches, what search terms have been used and from which countries the queries were started. A global statistics on all core members is also provided.
We use Piwik as general web analysis tool for and all of its subdomains. To provide detailed usage stats we log the results of each query to combine Piwik and GGBN sample data. Please check also our privacy statement for more information.

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Institution Full NameCountryDate Of JoiningOnline SinceMember StatusUsage Stats
The HuntingtonUS2021-10-222023-06-13CoreGo to Stats
Tooro Botanical GardensUG2021-05-042022-03-17CoreGo to Stats
Universidad Nacional de Colombia / National University of ColombiaCO2021-03-292023-01-16CoreGo to Stats
Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research InstituteIN2021-03-292022-11-15CoreGo to Stats
Steinhardt Museum of Natural HistoryIL2020-02-102022-04-08CoreGo to Stats
National Institute of Research for Agriculture, Food and EnvironmentFR2020-02-032023-03-02CoreGo to Stats
Canadian Museum of NatureCA2019-03-012023-04-19CoreGo to Stats
Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research-New Zealand Arthropod CollectionNZ2018-07-192020-03-20CoreGo to Stats
FIOCRUZ/Protozoa CollectionBR2018-07-102020-11-20CoreGo to Stats
Centre for Biodiversity GenomicsCA2017-08-292018-05-11CoreGo to Stats
Missouri Botanical GardenUS2017-08-112022-01-11CoreGo to Stats
Arctos/University of Alaska Museum of the NorthUS2017-07-312019-10-08CoreGo to Stats
Arctos/University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Vertebrate ZoologyUS2017-07-112019-10-14CoreGo to Stats
African Centre for DNA Barcoding, University of JohannesburgZA2017-07-112018-07-06CoreGo to Stats
Centro de Ornitología y BiodiversidadPE2017-06-222018-08-17CoreGo to Stats
University of Kansas Biodiversity InstituteUS2017-06-212020-01-06CoreGo to Stats
Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections, Texas A&M UniversityUS2017-04-032018-10-08CoreGo to Stats
Denver Botanic GardensUS2017-03-012017-08-07CoreGo to Stats
Rio de Janeiro Botanical GardenBR2015-11-092020-03-02CoreGo to Stats
Arctos/Museum of Southwestern BiologyUS2015-09-212019-10-02CoreGo to Stats
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